The Orange School is a new public charter elementary school for children in grades K-8 coming to your area, offering a unique learning approach with 3 distinguishing features:

Children naturally draw, sing, dance, and perform, and at the Orange School, those interests are assets that help them learn more in every subject. The arts increase motivation and confidence, abstract and critical thinking, identity construction, and problem-solving skills.

Children spend extra hours every week in deep, extended time with local teaching artists. Students also have specially trained core academic teachers who connect those subjects back to the arts to help children understand and apply their new knowledge. Students learn leadership and the advanced thinking skills demanded by tests and selective enrollment high schools.
Students choose their arts education with an arts specialist from four domains of the arts: Music, visual art, dance and movement, and theater and writing. Their arts specialists (not generalists) guide them to choose new classes as their interests and skills grow. read more > .

Interdisciplinary Education As adults, we constantly use our skills across domains, reading and calculating recipes simultaneously, because in the real world, these disciplines are integrated. Students make these connections in large-scale, integrated projects, where they solve complex problems by reading, collaborating, and applying knowledge. They design their own answers and reflect on their choices. read more >
Social Skills Teachers provide learning opportunities for social skills and civic engagement throughout curricular subjects. For example, students learn how to resolve and mediate conflict through daily activities and to build consensus in project-based learning. read more >